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Government launches new campaign to improves cyclists’ safety

Cyclists in London and Manchester are being encouraged to ‘hang back’ from lorries in a new safety campaign launched by Road Safety Minister Andrew Jones to reduce the number of deaths.Riding a bike was “very safe

Commute is ‘wasted time’ for 31% of workforce

Despite the anytime, anywhere connectivity potential of mobile technology the daily commute is still regarded as wasted time for nearly a third of professionals, according to the latest survey from Regus, the global worksp

Electric vehicles will help the shift toward Europe’s ‘green’ transport future

A large scale roll-out of electric cars on European roads would result in significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions and lower levels of certain air pollutants, according to a European Environment Agency (EEA) assessment

Government must not ignore ‘all-lane running’ safety concerns, say MPs

A group of influential MPs has warned the government that it should not proceed with ‘all-lane running’ motorway schemes while major safety concerns exist. The House of Commons’ Transport Select Committee argues


Dart Charge - Fleet News Letter August 2016

Over the last few months Highways England has met with key representatives from the fleet industry in order to further unders...

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