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‘Smart’ data utilisation and ease of integration among 2017 fleet software trends

The focus of fleet management software will continue to shift in 2017 to facilitate organisations’ intelligent utilisation of a wider variety of both internal and externally-generated data, according to Chevin Fleet Solu

CMA calls for review after Highways England contractor confuses truck with supercar

Claims Management & Adjusting (CMA) has called on Highways England to review its processes for handling Crown property claims against fleet operators, drivers and insurers, with cost exaggerations and data errors unacc

Government funding for DFA as it launches partnership with RHA

Driver First Assist (DFA), the not-for-profit road safety initiative, is calling on fleet help in its goal to reduce deaths and life-limiting injuries on the nation’s roads after received £70,000 of government funding a

Prime Minister’s tariff-free trade promise key to safeguard motor industry, says SMMT

Prime Minister Theresa May’s promise of tariff-free trade with European Union countries following the UK’s exit will not be easy to achieve but was essential or the viability of the motor industry would be threatened.T


DVLA Fleet Scheme - View Vehicle Record service

If you're a fleet operator with 50 vehicles or more, registered to one address. Then you can join the DVLA fleet s...

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